Check out these screenshots from the DLC to Layers of Fear

It’s the DLC to a horror game that paints with broad strokes

Layers of Fear Inheritance

Layers Of Fear was a pretty damn creepy yet rather unique title with a lot of heart. Now, the psychedelic horror adventure will continue in the form of a new piece of DLC which launches on the 2nd of August.

Layers of Fear: Inheritance will focus on the daughter of the painter from the original game. She decides to return to the mansion in order to face her demons and make peace with her past, but naturally the experience will be rather unsettling. And of course, the dark is never your friend, and a flashlight is always a wise choice for a companion.

Layers of Fear Inheritance 5

The sense of melancholy is as strong as ever as you explore the depressing landscape and uncover the tragedies of the people who once lived there. Your actions will also one unlock of two possible endings, so you’ll need to chose your actions wisely. Will you be able to break the bleak spell of a family who seem doomed to endless misfortunes?

The DLC will be available for Steam (PC, macOS, SteamOS/Linux), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and will retail for USD $4.99 for all versions across the board.

Layers of Fear Inheritance

Check out these addtional, unsettling screenshots:

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