Overwatch Reveals First New Hero: Ana

Overwatch Reveals First New Hero: Ana


Overwatch Ana

How do you not piss yourself right now?


Right now, I’m anxiously watching the download bar on my Overwatch client. I didn’t just purchase it, though. I’ve had the game since launch. What I’m doing is transferring to the Public Test Realm (PTR). PTR is a new region for players to choose instead of where they live. The biggest difference here is, as the name suggests, participants help test out new updates and functions before they get massively implemented. Now, I’m diving into this for a multitude of reasons. The patch notes for this realm are amazing. I’m specifically excited for the buffs to D.VA and my main, Mercy. I also love being as close to a hipster without calling myself one, enjoying updates before they’re cool. But mostly, I want Ana!



Blizzard has been busy lately with plowing a hype train through our browsers. Earlier, they teased a new weapon with healing properties. In short, they weren’t subtle about their new addition. However, I think I speak for most of us when I say no one was expecting her appearance so soon. Overwatch launched May 24. It’s been barely over a month, and major new content has already released. Given, she’s banished to the PTR at the moment, but the fact that she’s playable at all is fantastic! But how does she play? We already know she has a healing sniper rifle from the earlier tease. Luckily, Ana came with a second video giving a full showcase of what she’s capable of.



Holy new abilities, Batman! I’m in love already. I apologize for betraying unbiased journalistic integrity or whatever, but I’m gushing pretty hard over Ana. Her sniper rifle heals allies while applying damage over time to enemies. She has a tranquilizer pistol that puts an enemy to sleep for about 5 seconds (or sooner if they receive any damage). She has a grenade that covers an area, healing allies, damaging enemies, and stopping enemies from being healed for several seconds. Ana’s ultimate ability buffs an ally with damage resistance, as well as increased speed and power. She literally makes an ally better, faster, and stronger.


Overwatch Ana - Weapon

Anyone selling a replica, yet?


This is a wonderful start to new content. Ana is a support player’s dream come true and is destined to add new tactics to the robust gameplay. Anyone familiar with my reviews knows that I am most often a cynical gamer with unforgiving standards. So keep that in mind when considering how hyped I am about Overwatch and the changes. In the past, I didn’t give Blizzard much business. I never really fell into their products like World of Warcraft and sung their praises. I enjoyed the games from them I played, but not enough to call myself a Blizzard fan. If they keep this pace up, though, that’s likely to change.

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