Aksys Announces Tokyo Xanadu and More at Anime Expo

Get Ready for Ghosts, Murder, and High Schoolers with Swords

Tokyo Xanadu

At their Anime Expo panel, developer Aksys Games announced that they would be releasing Nihon Falcom’s Action RPG, Tokyo Xanadu, on the Playstation Vita and PC via Steam in 2017, but no exact date was announced. The PS Vita version will be getting a physical release, and will also be available digitally via the PlayStation Network Store.

Tokyo Xanadu  follows two high school students; Koh and Asuka in a post earthquake Japan as they explore a mysterious spiritual labyrinth known as Xanadu.

The game released on September 30th in Japan last year and an enhanced Ps4 port is in the works (although that version has no planned overseas release at this time).

Aksys also announced that they will be releasing Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs this fall digitally for the Playstations 3, 4, and Vita this fall with no exact release date as of yet. The game is an updated version of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters with additional content including all new episodes, an improved combat system, and more.

The original Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters game was released in the west on March 2015 by Aksys and follows a transfer student who gets wrapped up with a secret group of ghost hunters in his new school.

The third and final announcement from Aksys at Anime Expo was the confirmed western release of a game that surprisingly doesn’t have Tokyo in the name. The game in question is Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ which will launch this fall on Nintendo 3ds via the E-Shop.

The game is about two detectives; Koto Akemura and Shonosuke Nanase who reopen a previously solved case after they recieve a phone call telling them that what they thought was an accident was actually a murder.

Which announcement are you most excited about? And what other games do you think Aksys should bring westward? Let us know in the comments below.

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