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Type: Rider Review (Vita)

Sound Shapes’ Nerdy Cousin Typography is often the brunt of many jokes concerning geeks and nerds alike. While some find the art and history of type face and font to be fascinating, others find it to be utterly uninteresting. Let me be clear at the beginning of this review:…
The Great Whale Road title

The Great Whale Road Preview

None the Norse for wear The Vikings were a pretty brutal lot; of that, there is no argument. However, life for them was in itself a pretty gruesome business, being at the whim of not only the natural world, but other tribes in the North Sea that would sooner…

Necropolis Review (PC)

I knew someone like you. They died.   Necropolis is like if Dungeons of Dreadmor was watered down and designed by a cubist. No, wait. Necropolis is an artsy game that uses roguelike elements to give it an oppressive atmosphere. No, wait. Necropolis is what happens Journey swallows Dark…

Obliteracers Review (PS4)

Running on Fumes Racing games have been one of my favored genres over the years.  I’ve always held a great deal of respect and interest in automotive culture and racing.  I’ve actually partaken in real life racing myself in the form of multiple Autocross events using my own personal…

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs Coming to Europe Fall 2016

Europe ain’t afraid of no ghosts NISA today confirmed that Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs will be making its way to Europe this fall. Set to release on October 21, the game will include 5 brand-new chapters, new scenarios, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters:…

Danganronpa 3 English Dub Cast Announced

Prepare For Despair in Two Languages Funimation has announced its voice cast for the broadcast dub of the Danganronpa 3: End of Hope’s Peak Academy anime. For those unaware, Funimation’s broadcast dubs are a fairly recent service where they dub select animes a few weeks after they air in…

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