Monthly Archives: June 2016

This War of Mine Expansion Launches Today

This War of Mine Expansion Launches Today     Realistic war pedestrian and depression simulator, This War of Mine, got its biggest update today: The Little Ones. For those of us who don’t feel like suffering through life in a war-torn city is hardcore enough, the new expansion throws…
blackwood crossing

Blackwood Crossing Teaser Trailer Rides the Hype Train

And by “Hype Train,” I mean “Creepy Rabbit Person Train.” They’re easy to get confused. PaperSeven, a small indie studio comprised of The Room writer Oliver Reid-Smith and a group of former members of Disney Black Rock Studio, has revealed their first game, coming down the train track of development and…
criminal girls 2

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors Worldwide Release Dates Announced

This September, NIS America brings the party to America and Europe!   Once again, seven delinquent girls find themselves in the depths of hell as part of a twisted reformation system. All of them have backstories to wade through, and one is hiding secrets. Get ready to unite a…
Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Review (PS4)

An unforgettable encore performance   When it originally released back in May of 2007, Odin Sphere was a rare treat for PlayStation 2 owners. In a time where sprawling, open-world epics were the order of the day, developer Vanillaware instead opted to release a more old school action-adventure that delivered satisfying…

Dragon Quest Builders Gets Western Release Date and Trailer

Have Some RPG In Your Sandbox Journey back to the realm of Alefgard to help the hapless citizens rebuild after the chaos wrought by the Dragonlord. As part of Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary, the Minecraft-esque sandbox version of DQ is making it’s way to North American and European audiences…

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