PS4 Exclusive Pre-Order Incentives Added For I Am Setsuna

New Peek At Artwork As Well



Square Enix showcased some new artwork for their upcoming JRPG epic, I Am Setsuna. Harkening back to the traditional style of memorable titles, like Chrono Trigger, players guide Setsuna on her journey through lovely watercolor environments. Since the character models themselves are going for a more old-school appeal, the extra attention on making the backgrounds and character art shine is a nice touch. It also helps add to the melancholy atmosphere of the story.




As we’ve previously covered, Setsuna’s story is meant to be one of sorrow and sacrifice. She is destined to sacrifice herself to save the people of her land. Her bodyguards are tasked with delivering her to her ultimate demise. Prepare your heartstrings for some serious tugging. The new artwork also showed off some of the additional characters that will accompany Setsuna on her quest. Her companions, Aeterna and Nidr both look lovely in their character art in this classic RPG for the modern day.

I Am Setsuna will be available digitally on July 19th on the PlayStation 4 and Steam for $39.99. Pre-ordering from the PlayStation Network grants instant access to two dynamic themes for players to use. A light, “Shiro,” daytime theme and a dark, “Kuro,” theme set in the world of I Am Setsuna.




On release day, an exclusive digital track, “Eternal Winter” by composer Tomoki Miyoshi will also automatically download. Those who pre-order on Steam will get their own exclusive digital track “The Warmth of Hope.” Just from what we’ve heard in the trailers, expect both tracks to be lovely.

I Am Setsuna is a new RPG series being developed by Tokyo RPG Factory. For their first title they wanted to pay tribute to the classic Super NES RPG titles they grew up with. Do you think classic takes like I Am Setsuna can stand up to more modern titles? Let me know in the comments.


Joanna Mueller
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