First Thoughts: Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

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E3 has come to a close, but the gaming press is still buzzing with the latest news. We have more information on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a release date for The Last Guardian, a new God of War, and so much more. It’s like Christmas, but in the summer, and with more sobbing about what you want but can’t get until later down the line.

There was one little thing that actually left me a little speechless, though: that strange first-person trailer for Resident Evil 7, and the demo that came with it. With the murkier colors, derelict environments, and what looked to be a first-person perspective, it seemed more like a Condemned sequel than anything from the House that Umbrella built.

…and, well, after this tidbit of information, it seems that I may have been on the right track.

Regardless of whether or not the teaser is meant to be a part of the final game, or if it’s a side-story to whet our appetites, there’s a lot to talk about, so join me as I step into the Farmhouse and talk about the teaser and my own thoughts of what we might expect from this game in the future.

These are my first impressions, though, so if there’s more information about the game further down the line, expect these statements to be edited / rescinded / etc.


Jennifer L. Pastor is a Pennsylvania-born, Texas-raised writer and editor who may have a little bit of a passion for video games. When not playing or talking about games, she writes fiction, poetry, and essays. Check out her shenanegans (and cat pictures!) on Twitter at @jlynnpastor.

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