NieR: Automata Brings Its Dystopian Future In 2017

There Is A New Android Infantry In Town

Nier automata


Fans of Square Enix’s 2010 NIER will have a new installment in the series to confound them in early 2017. Partnering with Platinum Games, Square will be bringing their new action RPG, NieR: Automata to the PS4 for an early 2017 release.

The story of NieR: Automata follows three androids, 2B, 9S, and A2 on their quest to reclaim the earth from the powerful machines which have driven humanity to the moon. Presumably, this somehow makes sense to those of you who played the first game, maybe? Anyhow, with humanity stuck on the moon they deploy an army of android soldiers to beat back the mechanical horde, but only succeed in slowing its advance. This gives them the bright idea to create better androids, the YoRHa squad to beat the Mechanoids and take back their world. As the battle between machine and android rages on, a long forgotten truth is promised to be reveled.

The trailer doesn’t do much to clear up the confusing premise. We are treated to scenes of two of the YoRHa androids landing in a theater and being accosted by a mechanical opera singer. Players will primarily take on the role of android, 2B as they use their sword to slash nearby threats and a “Pod” support system for ranged battle. Initially I was under the impression that everyone was wearing blindfolds, but apparently, at least in 2B’s case, those are some sort of visor?

Take a look for yourself, and please let me know if you can clear up what in the heck I’m seeing here. The original game was supposed to have an interesting twist, so I’d expect the new game to follow suit, but so far I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at. Hopefully, we’ll get more information before the official release date.




Joanna Mueller
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