Horizon: Zero Dawn Announces Delay with Character Trailer

So basically what we’re doing here is celebrating disappointment.

horizon: zero dawn


The official Playstation blog broke some silence today. It’s been awhile since we saw or heard much of substance from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Initially unveiled at Sony’s E3 press conference last year, Horizon: Zero Dawn is a new IP by Guerrilla Games, the studio previously responsible for the Hitman games. The game has some unique action/adventure vibes, featuring what seems to be sort of a neo-caveman world in which human civilization has declined, with old civilizations overgrown and populated by mechanical beasts.

Herman Hulst, Managing Director at Guerrilla Games, posted to make the sad announcement of a delay for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which was initially slated to come out later this year. What’s nice is that it still has a specific release date for us all to mark on our calendars; the game will now be releasing on February 28, 2017. The reasons for the delay were fairly vague and generic, citing the need to work on getting visuals and gameplay up to a certain standard.

The blog post itself didn’t really say much else about the game, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing else to show. In order to satiate fans itching to get out there and shoot some mecha-beasts, a new story trailer was released for the game. The trailer features Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s main character, a young woman named Aloy. Aloy is handy as hell with a bow, and seems to be on a journey to discover her own origins, as well as those of the odd, Skynet-meets-Jungle Book world in which she lives.

Now that we have a bit more of a look at the story being set up in Horizon: Zero Dawn, how are we all feeling? Still interested? More than before? Less? It’s likely that we’ll see even more of the game at E3 in a couple weeks, so what are you hoping to see? Let us know your answers to all of these questions in the comments below!

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