Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is Coming Out For PS4

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If you look back fondly on Final Fantasy XII and are itching to get back to the world of Ivalice, you’ll be pleased to know that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is coming out for the Playstation 4. For the first time, western audiences can enjoy an HD remaster of the classic FFXII, now including the 12-job character progression system originally introduced in the 2007 title: Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age advertises the following key features:

· Latest-generation high-definition graphical capabilities, including characters and movie scenes fully remastered in high-definition.
· True 7.1 surround sound, including high-definition voicing and newly recorded background music utilizing the current generation of sound production.
· Option to switch between the original and the newly remastered soundtrack.
· New trial mode where players can take on monsters and enemies in up to 100 successive battles
· Modern gameplay advancements including PlayStation 4 trophy support and share functionalities, auto-save and shortened loading times
· An endless amount of gameplay and adventure including hunts, battles, and mini-games

For those unfamiliar with Final Fantasy XII; the game takes place in the world of Ivalice, where the country of Dalmasca has been conquered by a militaristic empire. Princess Ashe – the only remaining heir to the throne of Dalmasca – looks to free her country from its oppressors’ harsh yoke. Along her way, she meets Vaan, a perky youth who lost his family during the war and longs to have his own airship and explore the world. Together, they find other unlikely allies and embark on a truly epic quest that spans over 80 hours – at least when you complete every monster hunt, and explore every dungeon.

Those who are attending E3 can get hands-on experience with the brand-new remaster at the Square Enix booth. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be coming to PS4 in 2017. Check out the announcement trailer below!


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