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Auralux: Constellations

Auralux: Constellations Review (PC)

It’s all written in the stars Auralux: Constellations is the sequel to Auralux, an extremely simplistic real-time strategy game that remains fairly popular on mobile platforms. It retains the same design philosophy as its predecessor: ultra-minimalist presentation with RTS gameplay stripped down to its most fundamental core. This sort…

Kiznaiver Episode #8 Review

Happy Times Don’t Tend To Last Very Long It can be hard to write these reviews sometimes. Taking an episode of a show, regardless if it is an anime or not, and creating a review for it with a decent word count can be daunting. Kiznaiver is one of…

New Uncharted 4 Bug Removes Nathan Drake

Uncharted 4’s new character model bug makes things a bit weird.   A new bug has been discovered within Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End that completely remove’s protagonist Nathan Drake’s character model from the game entirely. Discovered and posted by KHCloud (via Kotaku), this new model-removing bug initially occurred during…

Dragon Quest Creator Pushes for Password Functionality in Dragon Quest XI

Make sure to write it down; and don’t lose it!     Popular Japanese Role-Playing series Dragon Quest has recently seen its 30th Birthday, choosing to celebrate in Japan with an event called the “Anniversary Countdown Special”. Though largely taking a look at, and celebrating, everything that has made the Dragon Quest series so…

Ratchet & Clank (2002) Retro Review (With Video) – (PS3)

The Start Of A Long-Running Friendship   Insomniac Games were pretty much done with their previous game series Spyro The Dragon and wanted to create an entirely new game, codenamed I5 or Girl With A Stick for the Playstation 2, which was meant to be a cross between Tomb…

Planar Conquest Releases On Steam Today

Conquest on a Plane Polish-based developers Wastelands Interactive have seen their hard work come to fruition, as their Kickstarter-funded 4X strategy title: Planar Conquest is released today on PC. With eight different races and multiple entire places of existence, Planar Conquest looks to provide ample content to engross fans…

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