Five Headscratching Moments in Mega Man’s History

Weird ain’t so bad…it could be the Mega Man DOS ports.


Ruby Spears Mega Man Point


So, who here’s excited about the new Mega Man TV show?

…Yeah, me neither.

But hey, this is made for kids, and as much as we like to say that new properties or remakes are ruining our childhoods or killing the icon we all knew and loved (Hell, look at Ghostbusters), I think we can all agree that for a franchise that’s been around for almost thirty years, Mega Man’s gone through worse.

Full disclosure here: I’m a bit of a hardcore Mega Man geek. I’ve played the games, I own merchandise, and I even have fond memories of the Ruby Spears TV show and Captain N: The Game Master. Over my multiple decades of playing these games, I’ve found that Capcom will do literally anything to fill their Mega Man-shaped Scrooge McDuck money bin, regardless of whether or not they make sense.

Here are five of these…shall we say, attempts.

(Though just because they’re on this list doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time.)

Jennifer L. Pastor is a Pennsylvania-born, Texas-raised writer and editor who may have a little bit of a passion for video games. When not playing or talking about games, she writes fiction, poetry, and essays. Check out her shenanegans (and cat pictures!) on Twitter at @jlynnpastor.

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