Top 10 Sidekicks in Gaming

#6- Glottis (Grim Fandango)

grim fandango

Sometimes, you just need an obnoxiously loud partner in crime to assist in whatever needs doing. Glottis is the perfect (bear… hippo… monster…demon?) for the job. He provides Manny a companion in the 4-year tale that is Grim Fandango. He’s an excellent driver, confidant, and all-around interesting guy. Who doesn’t want a gambling addict for a sidekick? Hilariously voiced by Alan Blumenfeld, Glottis is often a hit or miss type of character in terms of fan reaction. Love him or hate him, Glottis does have some undeniably amusing lines. “Manny, until now we scraped along the ground like rats… but from now on, we soar! Like eagles! Yeah! Like eagles… ON… POGO STICKS!!” I think the best thing that could be said for Glottis is just how memorable his moments are. A scene in which a drunk Glottis is confronted by Manny about his gambling addiction comes to mind – that scene had me in stitches when I first played the game. More than that, Glottis’ tearful goodbye proved that the character exhibited endearing traits as well. Glottis is the sidekick that we deserve, as well as the one we need.

#5- Companion (Journey)


Journey is a gaming masterpiece complemented by a beautiful art style, a grammy award winning soundtrack, and a resonant story that never ceases to keep the player captivated. These traits, however, are not what kept me engaged in Journey. Rather, I was enthralled by the other players I met along the way. For those who haven’t played Journey (shame!), there is a mechanic in which you can use the help of fellow players in order to advance to new areas. The intriguing part, however, is that you do not know the other player’s name and you cannot verbally communicate with one another. The only means of conversation is a little chirp button. This organic method of talking connects the players intimately with each other; indeed, I was legitimately upset when I lost track of where my new found friends went. I vividly remember a moment in which I realized I had lost my partner- the next 15 minutes were dedicated to a frantic search for the lost soul. Eventually, I had to give up my hunt and sadly go on my weary way. I was legitimately and emotionally moved by this loss; I even sent a friend request after I finished the game, as Journey shows you who embarked on the expedition with you once you finish the game. I found out that the other guy was equally distressed when he failed to locate me, and THAT is the power of Journey. While the partnership is less of a hero/sidekick dynamic and more of an equal alliance, I couldn’t help but think back to Journey and my little friend when creating this list.

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