My Hero Academia Episode #8 Review

Bakugo’s Start Line



It’s time to take a break from the conflict between Izuki Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo, for about fifteen minutes at least, in the eighth episode of My Hero Academia. This episode took a break from the feud and instead turns its focus on the other students in the class, and what some of their special abilities are. The eighth episode wasn’t a strong episode in the series, but it didn’t have to be, as there is something that needs to learned; not for us per se, but rather for one of the characters.

Izuki used his new quirk to win the assignment at the end of the previous week’s episode. In doing so, he managed to injure himself, again, that led him to missing most of the day. While he recovered, the class moves ahead to pair together other students as “heroes” and “villains”. For once we get to see the others in action aside from the appearance in the opening credit sequence. Izuki has quite a challenge ahead if he is to conquer some of these other students. On a personal note, I really like Shouto Todoroki and his power of being half ice and half fire.

Not only does Izuki have to contend with other powerful students, Katsuki is starting to realize that he may not be the best after all. In fact, in my interpretation, this episode was more about Katsuki than it was about Izuki and the other students. What Katsuki learned in this assignment/battle with Izuki was humility. From the flashbacks we have seen over these past episodes, we know that Katsuki had a giant ego and is quite conceited, but his loss has made him realize that he actually has to try now. Now we have two major characters that are training to be the best, and it just so happens that they are destined to face each other on regular basis. This is indeed Katsuki’s starting point, but the name of the episode is vague enough to make us wonder, “What starting point? To become a hero, or something else?”

All Might is also dealing with trying to being a responsible teacher in this episode. Not only has one of his students been to Recovery Girl’s office twice due to self-sustained injuries, there has been no further speak on how he can help Katsuki can control the power that All Might gave him. Not only that, the favoritism towards his protégé is becoming apparent to the staff as he is called out on it. What I like about the All Might character is that his ego hasn’t gotten in the way. Acknowledging ones’ faults is essential to doing things right, and he has no qualms about admitting his ignorance.

This episode exists to acknowledge the flaws of a couple of the characters, and while it focuses more on Katsuki’s humiliation than anything else, it also serves another purpose for other characters even though it doesn’t go into a lot of detail. Seeing the other students use their powers was good to see and makes me curious on which ones will stay to become heroes, and which ones will stray off the beaten path. Once again, not the strongest episode, but after the clash from the last episode, it’s not bad to have some character development.


Final Score: 3.5/5


Original Air Date: May 22nd, 2016; Studio: Bones; Genres: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power; Duration: 24 min. per episode

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