The Top 5 Things We Need in DragonBall Xenoverse 2

5. More Races To Play As



With the original DragonBall Xenoverse, you can choose to play as a few races in the DragonBall universe. The standard Human and Saiyan races are present, as were the Frieza race, the Majins, and the green Namekians. It gave players a decent assortment of choice, as each one had slightly varied moves and attributes. However, with how large the DragonBall universe has become over the years, there are quite a few races that were excluded.

For example, the Androids had a massive arc in DragonBall Z story, and would be excellent to play as. Sharing the characteristics of humans, the fine folks over at Dimps could make the Android race be able to absorb standard ki energy blasts, and have more energy than the others.

Another example, though unlikely, would be to have a joke race, such as the humanoid-animal creatures that were prevalent at the beginning of DragonBall, and died off as time went on. Imagine playing as a Tiger-man, but having lower stats. It would be a way to add a hard mode, as well as a neat little bit of DragonBall history.


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