Dear BioWare, About Mass Effect Andromeda

I Want You Back, But Let’s Set a Few Things Straight


Hey guys, it’s been awhile. What can I say, the ending was rough. We both said things we didn’t mean, but don’t for a second think that means I ever stopped loving you.

I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about Mass Effect Andromeda and I felt like I needed to let you know that I’m glad you’re moving on. It’s been a bumpy road and we’ve lost some people along the way, but maybe this could be the fresh start we both needed? Here’s the thing though, for this to work there’s a few things I’m gonna need you to keep in mind.

Try not to get defensive, I know this is hard to talk about, but first and foremost I’m gonna need choices that matter. When we first got together in Mass Effect, every little decision seemed so important. We were learning together what worked and what didn’t.

By Mass Effect 2, I felt like we really hit our stride. You trusted me to make important decisions. In turn, I had faith that my choices would stick and for the most part, they did. It wasn’t always easy, often there were consequences. Through it all though, I knew you trusted me to make the tough calls. So when things ended in Mass Effect 3, and it felt like all those choices I’d been making didn’t matter. Well, yeah that was rough, but only because I knew you were better than that.


When we get to the Andromeda Galaxy, I need to know that you’re going to entrust me with making meaningful choices, even if they are wrong. Hell, especially if they are wrong. We have to trust each other to make this thing work, and that goes both ways.

I’m willing to follow you wherever you take me, all the way to the ends of the galaxy if needed. I know you’ll have a good reason. A noble cause for me to champion. Gotta find new colonies for our people, right? I hear the Helius Cluster is massive. I can’t wait for you to share it with me.

I bet it will look amazing. Everything crafted on the Frostbite Engine for next-gen systems. We’ve really come a long way from the barren worlds we stumbled across in Mass Effect. With that in mind, if you send me to explore, please make sure there is something out there for me to find. I don’t want to waste away doing meaningless side-missions and fetch quests when there are bigger things going on.

It’s not just me though, there will be others. Maybe a handful of familiar council races to help ease the transition? Don’t worry, I’m open to meeting new “people,” but I’m just not ready to let go of everything we had. I know I’ll grow fond of anyone you place in my path. You’ve always been so good at giving me who I needed in any situation.


Remember in Mass Effect 2 where we had to bring on a whole team of new characters? Yeah, I was worried. Who were all these new people and what was I supposed to do with them, right? But you found a way to make me care, to make them part of me. I know you can do that again.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun. You’re sense of humor has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Remember Blasto, the hanar Spectre? What about the all-elcor rendition of Hamlet? Those were good times.

The galaxy is a big place, who knows what we’ll run into out there. It’s got me thinking that with so many undiscovered alien races maybe it’s time for a less human looking teammate? Surely somewhere out there the whole bipedal thing never quite took off. I’ve seen glimpses of your concept art. I know you’ve still got surprises up your sleeve. Don’t be afraid to share, I promise to keep an open mind.

I really think the move to Mass Effect Andromeda will be good for us. It will never quite replace what we had, but I’m willing to try. Maybe we’ll even discover something new together? After everything we’ve already been through, there is nobody I’d rather begin this journey with.

Looking forward to the 2017 release, and any additional tidbits you might share at the EA Play press conference on June 12. For now though, I should go.


Joanna Mueller
Joanna is a lifelong gamer who insisted the Super Mario Bros manual was a bedtime story as a child. Video games took her to a galaxy far far away where she met and eventually married her husband. Now she reads Minecraft books to her own kiddo while finally making use of her degree to write about games like a proper adult. This is her favorite bio on the Citadel.

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