My Hero Academia Ep. #7-Deku vs. Kacchan Review

The Genesis of a Villain



The seventh episode of My Hero Academia picks up a little before the last episode ended, Kacchan is starting to take his rage out on Deku due to his belief that Deku has been hiding his quirk from him since they were kids. While Kacchan is trying to play the big man in class, all he does is show the rest of the class that he is capable of being more like a villain than a hero.

In most comics, or films about men and women with super powers, the main protagonist tends to be friends with the enemy at some point. We see this with X-men and the Zavier/Magneto ideals, as well as TV show, Smallville, that goes into the Clark/Lex dynamic. The difference with My Hero Academia is that the potential villain, Kacchon, was never really a friend, but more as a figure that Deku looked up to in spite of his narcissism. In fact, the use of flashbacks in this episode seemed to be excessive as they drive that fact down your throat.

While the fight does come to an end, it is done so with a clever idea that Deku comes up with as he knows that he cannot take on Kacchan without killing him. Kacchan’s descent into villainy will be interesting, however, there is always a chance at redemption on his part, but I don’t see it in sight at this point because there is not a dedicated villain in this series yet.

We do get a few moments in the episode where we see the other half of the teams, use their quirks to win the assignment. The assignment, in case anyone forgot, is that the “hero” team (Deku and Ochako) must take the fake bomb away from the “villains” (Kacchan and Tenya) While Kacchan is pretty removed from the test due to his rage towards Deku, the others are still well aware of the main goal. While Ochako and Tenya’s fight is not as heavy, and is meant to have some humor behind it, the episode may have foreshadowed a possible villain in the future.

While the first official fight between Deku and Kacchan was good, the episode was plagued by too many flashbacks. This is not a new movie with anime series as Dragon Ball has been doing it for years. The ending seemed convenient and simply showing what the actual plan was for winning the assignment would have been nice, but for the most part, we were shown what we already knew.

Final Score: 3.5/5



Stuck in a perpetual state of daydreaming usually, I like to think about a TARDIS coming to get me, or handling a real lightsaber. Other than that, I am an old pop culture enthusiast that enjoys film, games, and anime...probably to an unhealthy degree.

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