Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC Hits The Shore Tomorrow

This New Add-on Looks Amazingly Spooky


If anyone needed a reason to get back into Fallout 4, the new Far Harbor add-on looks to deliver one. Set on the very edge of a dangerous Maine fishing island, Far Harbor features the largest landmass Bethesda has ever created for an add-on.

This will not be a relaxing vacation though. The island itself is a threat.

It’s not like walking around the Commonwealth and maybe encountering some pockets of radiation,” warns Lead Producer Phil Nelson. “The island is radiation.”

A new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency sends players searching for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Once arriving, radioactive fog and monstrous creatures await. The new creatures are pure nightmare fuel, drawing inspiration from the waters surrounding the island. The sea is already a scary place, a little radiation makes it horrifying.


We looked at our base creatures and made some new ones inspired by the new location that are higher level and even more messed up because of all the radiation,” Art Director Matt Carofano said.

The story will focus on the growing conflict between the townspeople, the synths, and the Children of Atom. Player choice plays a large role in the fates of each group so it’s probably a good idea to get as much information as possible before slaughtering anyone.

Naturally, this means there are multiple solutions to every problem with the potential for very different endings depending on what choices players make. Bethesda released an interesting overview trailer for a brief look behind the scenes of Far Harbor.

Players will also gain access to some sick new weapons, like the whaling-inspired harpoon gun and fishhook melee weapon. Probably the most notable addition however, is the new high-end Marine Armor. Even stronger than the combat armor, it’s a great option for players who want heavy protection without investing in Power Armor.

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor will be available for download worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC tomorrow, Thursday, May 19th. Are you going to be there?


Joanna Mueller
Joanna is a lifelong gamer who insisted the Super Mario Bros manual was a bedtime story as a child. Video games took her to a galaxy far far away where she met and eventually married her husband. Now she reads Minecraft books to her own kiddo while finally making use of her degree to write about games like a proper adult. This is her favorite bio on the Citadel.

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