Black Desert Online Expansion Launches June 1

Black Desert Online Expansion Launches June 1


Black Desert Camel


Sandbox MMORPG Black Desert is preparing to release the first part of the Valencia expansion on June 1. The extra content will bring players brand new quests and upgrades. I’m not talking a handful, though, because Valencia will offer hundreds of new quests to the game. However, the most exciting inclusion are the new animal friends: mountable camels and elephants. The new mounts and missions will give players the chance to explore the newly revealed landscape of the harsh, cruel desert. Expanding the map by an extra 30%, the unforgiving desert is poised to break the unprepared adventurer. Players will need to bring plenty of water, camels, and blankets or crumple like leaves.


Black Desert Construct


Black Desert saw a western release in March. The MMO takes an open world, action approach to the genre. Manual aiming, combos, and parkour elements drive the game play. The Valencia expansion’s additions join the already full cast of features: full-functioning weather patterns, a day and night cycle, mounted combat, character customization, and more. Even more additions are in the works too, such as the two week PvP test of Black Desert’s Node and Castle Siege warfare starting June 15. For interested players, now is one of the best times to take a closer look at Black Desert Online. 

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