Shadwen Release Comes with Price Drop

Shadwen Release Comes with Price Drop




Shadwen, the stealth-action game by Finnish developer Frozenbyte, dropped today with a substantial discount. Thanks to a community event, the game typically retails at $16.99, but will be available on PC for $14.44 and PS4 for $15.26 until May 24. That gives us all plenty of time to explore its gritty, medieval streets before the next big game release.




Focusing on stealth, gadgets, and moral choices, Shadwen follows the story of the titular assassin on her mission to kill the king. Familiar genre elements make their contractually obligated appearances. Shadwen can hide in the shadows, distract guards, stage unfortunate accidents, and also craft items into useful tools. The game includes a physics engine and conveniently provided structures for environment kills.




The game also throws in a creative time mechanic. It brings the concept from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and takes it to the next level. Rewinding time to correct mistakes is still a major part of it. However, now time itself only moves when you do. This gives players the freedom to observe and plan their every step, trap, and kill.

Shadwen is available now for PC, Mac, Linux, and PS4 through their various outlets. Be sure to take a look at it before the sale ends to keep yourself occupied until Overwatch comes out.


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