Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Pre-Registration Available

A Final Fantasy Mobile Game That Doesn’t Suck? Sign Me Up!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Square Enix is working on yet another Final Fantasy game to be released on mobile devices.This time, instead of releasing a shoddy port of the main Final Fantasy games, or creating an abomination that sucks away fun and money like All the BravestSquare Enix seems to be learning from its mistakes and by getting A-Lim to develop a game that plays like a mixture of older Final Fantasy games, as well as the newer mobile mechanics that actually works.

Brave Exvius will be coming to the West after doing a pre-registration, which unlocks bonuses for everyone who signs up. These Milestones unlock various items, from Terra from Final Fantasy VI riding Magitek armor being able to be used, to getting phoenix downs and gil to revive your party. In addition to signing up, you can like their Facebook page and Twitter accounts to earn more points for these Milestones. While the game has been available in Japan, with over 6 million downloads and good reviews for a little while now, those of us outside of the country will be able to receive even more news at this year’s E3 conference. You can sign up to get news and earn points here.

You can find the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius pre-registration trailer below:



Are you looking forward to a decent mobile Final Fantasy game? Are you upset that it’s taken this long for one to even come out? Can anyone actually pronounce this game’s title? Sound off below!

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