Phantom Brave set for July Release on Steam

Phantom Brave set for July Release on Steam


Phantom Brave


Today, publisher NIS America announced that the PC port of tactical RPG, Phantom Brave, is scheduled to arrive on Steam this July. Back in 2004, the game was released on the PS2, combining anime style with tactical, turn based gameplay. This PC release is ported over from the 2009 Wii release, Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. It is also slated to contain all of the bonus content that came with its PSP launch, Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle.


NIS America is bringing the original story and play style of the classic PS2 title to Steam, only now with sharper graphics and additional content. The game sports grid-less battlefields, an extensive list of over 400 different skills and spells, and an enchanting gameplay mechanic of recruiting phantoms as temporary allies. Be sure to keep an eye out for Phantom Brave on the Steam store this summer.


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