Gang Beasts Preview

Drunk Fighting Peeps

Gang Beasts Preview


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch your drunk uncle fight three of your friend’s drunk uncles in a no-holds-barred match on top of 2 speeding semis while dressed in luchador and over-sized chicken costumes? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Boneloaf and Double Fine have answered your curiosities with Gang Beasts!

In Gang Beasts, you and 3 other players will clumsily punch, kick, and grab each other with the ultimate goal being to toss one another off of the playing field or into meat grinders and other deadly contraptions. It sounds like something you’ve all played before, but the charm of this game is the stumbling characters, which resemble Peeps marshmallows that control with just the right amount of slipperiness to keep things interesting and hilarious. The laughter that came out of the staff here at Hey Poor Player during our time with the Gang Beasts multiplayer Beta got to the point that we were worried about the neighboring buildings thinking we were on some sort of hallucinogens. It’s that fun.


Gang Beasts Preview


The visuals of Gang Beasts are very simplistic, but this simply adds to the game’s charm. There are a handful of different colorful characters to choose from, ranging from office workers to bears and other wildlife. Seeing a bear dragging a chicken to the edge of a skyscraper only to be knocked out by a construction worker’s mighty headbutt is something to behold! To add to the silliness is the playful laughter that bubbles up from each of the game’s doughy combatants as they’re tossing each other into fire pits and other deadly environments.

Gang Beasts has a whole lot going for it considering it’s a “Let’s Player’s” dream game. YouTubers have already taken advantage of the beta build, which is apparent by the hundreds of gut-bursting videos from the game that have already been uploaded. The build we were given is an online-only version, which included 3 stages that let the combatants be as creative and brutal as they wish to be. We’ve tossed our online enemies off semis into highway signs, forced them into churning contraptions, and kicked them into oncoming subway cars, all while laughing along with our pudgy pugilists.



We’re itching to get our hands on the final build of the game to see what else developer Boneloaf has in store. If you’re interested in getting your hands on these gelatinous fighters, Gang Beasts is available now via Steam Early Access. The build currently includes 14 local multiplayer stages with more content, characters, and game modes on the way.

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