HunieCam Studio Review (PC)

Sometimes, Sex Pays

HunieCam Studio Review

Alright, first let me get this out of the way; HunieCam Studio is not for everyone. If you have a problem with females showing off their bodies for money, drug use, and other things of this nature, stay far away from this game. Now that this has been said, those who are still here, have a gander at what HunieCam is all about.

HunieCam Studios is a management simulator where you manage a myriad of women who are showing off their bodies in cam shows. Awkward concept aside, HuniePot, the developers of HunieCam, have already shown that they can take sexy concepts and do them extremely well, with their other release of HuniePop last year.

In HunieCam, you must manage your prospective female workers well, while having a decent assortment of what they need to do in a set period of time. Not only do you need to collect enough money to have your cam studio flourishing, but you need to also have photo shoots to increase fans, buy items like marijuana and cocaine to help speed up gameplay, do lap dances at a strip alley to increase likability, coerce other ladies to join your troupe and more besides. After all of that, your clients are bound to be exhausted, so they must rest at a spa to replenish their energy.

HunieCam Studio Review

Each of the girls that you use to cam have their own personality traits and drug preferences that go along with them. For example, Tiffany is a chick who gets “Teen” and “Fit” fans while never smoking or drinking, and Nadia covers the “MILF” and “Tattoos” category, while sometimes smoking and always drinking you dry. Those categories play a massive role in who you should hire, as too diverse a group makes your digital harem’s profitability more uncertain. That said, taking careful consideration of who you hire is an absolute must, as if you hire frequent drinkers and forget to send someone out on a beer run, your tap runs dry and all your workers become stressed out and need to take a break before continuing.

Every action perform take takes up time, and that is one resource that’s in extremely short supply in HunieCam Studios. At the beginning of the game, you are tasked of getting the most money and rabid fans that you can for 21 days. In order to speed up a move that you do, you can “Finger Blast” a character into moving a bit faster by clicking over and over again, giving you a few precious seconds to complete your task. Various items can speed up your character as well, though you also need to spend time just to obtain the items in general. It’s a checks and balance system that runs, though the game leans towards favoring items in order to get further along. It also pays to be wary of easy ways of making money, such as making a girl become an escort, as your workers will most likely contract sexual diseases. While some are curable in the game, such as gonorrhea, if you are unlucky enough to contract AIDS, you’re out of luck, as that character can do nothing for the remainder of your time limit.


HunieCam Studios is incredibly short. Those 21 days that you have will go away in about ninety minutes, making it among one of the shortest simulation games that I have ever played. While not particularly challenging, HunieCam has quite a few tricks that make you think that you are working just fine, only to kick you in the butt during the last three days, while you scramble along, hoping to get enough fans in order to receive a trophy shaped like a penis. Have fun having that in your Steam library!

The graphics for HunieCam Studios are not going to blow away anybody, but I imagine they suit the vision the studio was aiming for. It looks cute. Every girl looks distinct, every location can be told apart, and the game runs incredibly smoothly. The four playthroughs that I did of HunieCam Studios had basically no frame drops or slow down, and my computer isn’t meant for hardcore gaming. The music fits well enough with the game, though it’s nothing memorable.

If you are looking for a quick-fix management game, and don’t mind the obvious sexual references everywhere, then HunieCam Studios is a good way to go. While a little pricey at $6.99, HunieCam does warrant at least a couple playthroughs, and the developer has already added an extra Hard mode for those that find the main game to be a bit of a breeze. It is another fine game from HuniePot, and I can not wait to see what comes next.

Final Verdict. 3.5/5


Available on:, PC (reviewed), Mac, Linux ; Publisher: HuniePot ; Developer: HuniePot ; Release Date: April 4, 2016 ; MSRP: $6.99

This review is based on a copy of HunieCam Studio purchased by Hey Poor Player.

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