ARK: Survival Evolved Update Brings Grappling Hooks, Alliances & Deadly Birds of Prey

ARK: Survival Evolved’s latest update introduces alliances and new modes of travel to Wildcard’s prehistoric playground

ARK: Survival Evolved

Developer Studio Wildcard today released the newest update to their prehistoric sandbox title, ARK: Survival Evolved.

Today’s update introduces Steam users of the game to a slew of new features including Tribal Alliances, along with the frightening glide-able Terror Bird and the multi-use Grappling Hook, which allows players to get around the ARK in entirely new ways.

Watch the ARK Terror Bird and Grappling Hook Spotlight video below:


The Terror Bird, or Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor, is a tamable and aggressive avian capable of high-speed sprints and brief leaps. It is not a flying bird per say, as its flight is comprised of short, sustained “Joust”-like glides or leaps. At eight to 12 feet tall, the Terror Bird is aggressive, but still tamable and ridable, making it an excellent combat mount, particularly for harassing and scouting. Riders of The Terror Bird gain most of the benefits of a fast, mobile ground-based theropod, while also gaining some of the freedom of movement from a flyer. Assuming the rider can coax it into staying in the air over a long leap! The Terror Bird shows traits related to theropods such as Utahraptor, Carnotaurus, and Tyrannosaurus, though its attacks differ, as they are made up of lightning dashes and leaping slashes.

The Grappling Hook is a game-changing tool enabling Survivors the ability to scale cliffs, hitch a ride by attaching to a flying creature, snag other hapless players, or even small creatures like some type of paleolithic version of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available for a sizable discount during the Lunar sale on Steam for only $19.99 (33% off standard price).

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