This Layers of Fear Press Kit is a Macabre Masterpiece

This putrid press kit shines a ghastly light on Bloober Team’s morbid magnum opus, Layers of Fear

layers of fear

Today we at Hey Poor Player saw an ominous delivery arrive on our doorstep in the form of a rather nondescript painter’s kit. While at first glance the kit looked harmless enough, we had no idea what nightmares resided within the plain wooden box, the sole identifying feature being a rather foreboding smear of what we hoped was red paint near one of the case’s brass latches.

layers of fear

Carefully snapping back the latches, we finally peer into the mind of into the main character of Layers of Fear, the upcoming survival horror title from the folks at Krakow, Poland-based Bloober Team. For those who haven’t been following the title, Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror set to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 16th. The game allows players to take control over an insane painter in his quest to finish his magnum opus. Heavily inspired by the masterpiece paintings from the past centuries, and the architecture and décor from the XIX century, the game is poised to grasp at the tattered, horrific heartstrings of those still reeling from the cancellation of Konami’s Silent Hills, as well as fans of the game’s infamous demo, P.T..


Digging deeper into the press kit, we find a macabre masterpiece.  The theme of the kit centers around the game’s focus on classical art. The promotional materials come packed in a painter’s kit with an array of staggeringly detailed, hand-crafted trinkets such as a paintbrush, candles to be used for sealing letters with wax, macabre curios such as a lock of seemingly real human hair, severed finger, bone,  bit of tattered canvas (flesh) and more. Take a look at some of these haunting mementos in this painstakingly put together press kit below. Be sure to click on the images to see them in full size so you can really appreciate the ominous detail crammed into each piece.


The kit’s standout items come sealed in wax and wrapped in parchment paper. What dark secrets could await within?


The top of the painter’s case is scrawled with the game’s slogan.


Tucked within the box is a collection of macabre short stories featuring some fantastic art. Fans of Scary Stories to tell in the Dark will approve.


What’s this? Nestled within the pages of the storybook is a note containing a furious reaction to the artist’s grisly creations found within the pages of the dark fairy tale. The kit features plenty of similar bits and scraps of convincingly weathered papers that detail the game’s protagonist’s battle with his inner demons, adding a welcome dose of backstory to the events surrounding Layers of Fear.


A closer look at the note found hidden within the storybook.


Glass jars filled with a scrap of bloody canvas, a severed finger cheekily labeled “final touches”, and a bottle of bone meal for the undercoat. The most talented nightmare artists are always prepared, and Layers of Fear‘s demented central figure makes it clear he lives by the mantra of a brilliant, blood-soaked Boy Scout, always possessing the right tools for the job.


News scraps and doll parts; the story of my life.


More pages of misery hinting that the game’s main character has dealt with the loss of someone he holds dear. We expect the journey into the mind of a madman will touch upon his anguish in greater detail.


Candles for sealing letters and a well-worn paintbrush. Something tells us the artists real masterpiece has yet to come, and we’re not sure we want to be there to see it. We’ll definitely be bringing along a fresh change of pants for when he unveils his haunting magnum opus.


A seemingly random mousetrap and a pack of matches from Achilles Prosthetics. Many of the materials, including scraps of pharmacy receipts and other doodles, seem to express the artist’s anguish at losing a leg.


See, socialized healthcare could have saved this guy tons! Thanks, Obama.


More newspaper clippings detailing the events surrounding Layers of Fear‘s leading madman’s tormented life.


Who doesn’t carry around a lock of their significant other’s hair in a dusty old murderbox? I know I do! Nothing creepy going on here.

Here’s a collection of abso-fucking-lutely horrifying defaced photographs – fresh coal for your inner nightmare furnace.


More sketches revolving around said lost leg. The level of anguish scrawled across each scrap of paper found within the press kit is nothing short of palpable.


The Layers of Fear press kit’s most striking goodies came sealed in wax and draped in parchment paper. What could be inside? Read on and see.


A nice, fourth wall-breaking message from the game’s leading madman and the folks at Bloober Team. We’ll be sure to take several trips into Layers of Fear‘s world of terror before sharing our thoughts with you in a little over a week.

And lastly, we opened the wax paper to find the true masterpiece – a horrifying hologram portrait that’s sure to scare the shit out of my in-laws the next time we have them over for dinner!



Normally we wouldn’t take so much time covering a press kit, but we felt the level of care put into this package truly reflects the horrifying heart of the anguished artists at Bloober Team, and wanted to share our enthusiasm for Layers of Fear With you. We’ll be bringing you our full review of the game on Valentines Day, Sunday February 14, so stay tuned for our final verdict on the game then.

Layers of Fear releases on February 16 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Do you plan on diving into the nightmare when it releases later this month? Be sure to sound off in the comments section and let us know. Additionally, check out the full gallery of pictures of the press kit in the gallery below.

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