Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer Shows Off Transformations

Final Fantasy Explorers releases next week, check out the powerful Trance abilities here

final fantasy explorers

Square Enix’s next Final Fantasy spinoff, Final Fantasy Explorers is shaping up to look quite nice. And recently, Square Enix launched a trailer showcasing one of the cooler features in this monster hunting experience, Trances.

Named after the special ability in Final Fantasy IX, Trance allows you to temporarily control one of the main characters from almost the entirety of the mainline Final Fantasy games. All the best ones are there, from Final Fantasy VI’s Terra, to Yuna’s new costume from Final Fantasy X-2. You unlock these classic incarnations by going on quests and collecting special magicite.

Check out the new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers below:



This multi-player action RPG has you combat many monsters from the iconic franchise, and some of the bosses are the powerful Eidolons which take careful planning to take down. You choose one of many classic Final Fantasy classes to do so, and can even mix and match some of the abilities each class provides.

Be prepared to embark on this journey when Final Fantasy Explorers releases next week, on January 26, 2016 in the US, and the 29th in Europe.


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