Anthony Spivey’s Top 10 Games of 2015

2015 was probably the year I played the least amount of games released in the same year. Not because I didn’t want to, but I had both my PS4 and computer break, and only have had the computer fixed as of yet, severely limiting my gaming options. As a word of warning, my tastes in games vary from obvious to terrifying, so take that as you will:

Top 10 Games of 2015

10. Xenoblade Chronicles X
This would probably be higher on the list if I had more time to play the damn thing. The music is marvelous and the gameplay is tighter than Xenoblade Chronicles, but I have probably spent more time making my character than playing it. Maybe that’ll change one day…Or I will see a talking mascot that I hate and set it down again.

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Top 10 Games of 2015

9. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
It’s leagues better than the brain dead drivel Gates of Infinity tried to be. Its main draw is that it feels like a sequel to the DS games and it helps that the game is challenging. I stand by what I said about the music…snooze.

But don’t take my word for it, read our review here.


8. Undertale
Undertale is a game that is talked about way too damn much on the internet. It has a good reason for it too, with its old graphic style while also allowing you to not have to kill anything. The first hour or two is a bit slow, and you have to be the type who wants to get into the wacky story and playstyle. It’s hard trying to think of something that Tumblr hasn’t already stated ten thousand times already, but try it if you have 12-20 hours to burn.

persona 4 dancing all night

7. Persona 4: Dancing All Night
While the game’s story reads like a bad fanfic that I wrote at age 15, the rhythm gameplay is solid enough, and has the best remixes of Persona 4 music ever conceived. If you want to dress up the Persona 4 team in a multitude of outfits while they try to kill Shadows with sweet dance moves, this will have you set for awhile. P4DAN also confirms that Rise is best waifu. I will stand by this until the end of days.

For the full verdict on Atlus’ frantic rhtyhm/RPG mashup, check out Frank’s review of the game here.


6. Splatoon

Nintendo can make a new IP, and its a shooter? Call me shocked, as this made me turn on my Wii U for a reason that wasn’t Smash Bros updates. I’m among the absolute worst at shooters, but even an uncoordinated jackass like myself can find a way to play this squid/kid experience. What’s more, the game still gets new maps and weapons from time to time. If Nintendo can actually keep this up, we may have the COD killer on our hands. Okay, a Squid can dream.

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5 . Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
The story is bonkers to the wall, and feels like no one sane should understand what’s going on, but never before have I wanted to not give a rat’s ass and just veg out on the dumb character interactions and different playstyles that each character brings. The music has rockin beats and there is a character who beats people up with a mace. It’s legitimately fun, unlike the last console Final Fantasy game *cough XIII cough*

Check out Jack’s review of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD here.


4. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires
I like mowing down enemies by the hundreds while still feeling that I have more options for combos. Who doesn’t want to slay all who oppose you in combat while listening to dope hard rock? The fact that I spent 10 hours making custom characters and horses doesn’t hurt either. Still no word on whether the console version is any better, but it had me pick up my Vita for a reason other than P4DAN and replaying Final Fantasy V for the third time this year.

Read our review here.


3. Dragonball Xenoverse

I’m probably too old to like this fighter as much as I do. However, I can create a female Majin Buu, name it “Investigate 9/11” and kick Goku’s orange ass with Hercule’s moveset, so this gets bumped quite a few notches up my list. The story satisfies just enough to play more than once and enough to do the additional side missions to powerlevel your character.Also included are a bunch of characters to play as, along with the most recent movie’s Golden Frieza and Jaco. Once my PS4 is fixed, I wonder what horrible name I will come up with for my next character.


2. HuniePop

Dating Sim and puzzles…HuniePop is the exact opposite of Undertale. Its also one of the main reasons why I consider myself a deranged mess whenever someone looks at my computer screen. However, I do enjoy puzzle games, and HuniePop delivers one of the best in years. The banter between characters is pretty damn hilarious, and I find myself occasionally quoting Audrey ironically. If I could ignore the dumb sex parts, I would have a hard time not placing it first.


1. Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

The game with the longest name also gets the honor of being the longest time on a game I spent this year. While technically a remake of a DS game, Record Breaker adds voice acting, more demons, and a slew of other additions. Part turn-based strategy, part Persona-esque partner management simulator, this amazing experience takes the cake. It also has a hell of a bunch of endings, and doesn’t require knowledge of the previous title, so pick this up right away if you haven’t. You can summon Satan to fight alongside you for crying out loud!

Check out Jay’s review of Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker here.

Anthony Spivey loves his handhelds. Ever since getting a Game Boy and Pokemon Blue when they came out, he has rarely set down a handheld, usually to only pick up a console controller. He is frequently on the Hey Poor Podcast, which everyone should listen to. His favorite games include Persona 3 Portable, Pokemon Silver, Sonic Advance 2, and Final Fantasy VI Advance.

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