Fez To Receive $100 Physical Release

Fez Gets a Limited Edition, $100 Re-Release With Soundtrack on Vinyl



Fez will be receiving a limited edition re-release this month, in the form of a $100 hardcover notebook which includes a digital copy of its soundtrack and the PC version of the game. The soundtrack is currently available on the Polytron website as a stylish double LP.

Only 500 signed and number copies of the Fez limited edition will be produced. Bound in a red canvas and gold details, the book includes a DRM-free copy of the game for PC and Mac, along with a digital copy of Disasterpiece’s 26-song soundtrack. Although Polytron has warned fans that they probably won’t be receiving their package before Christmas Day, they are expected to ship on December 18.

You can pick up the vinyl release of Fez right now for $30. It comes in a gatefold sleeve featuring artwork from creator Phil Fish, and is pressed on a translucent orange vinyl. The double LP will also include a download code for the digital version of the album.

Check out the Fez physical release and vinyl in the gallery below:



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