Youtube Garbage Sack: Pantssplotion

This week: Sibling rivalries, poorly translated disney songs, and a bald guy making things explode by punching them.

youtube garbage sack

You know what time it is? It’s time for another batch of videos, exploding out of my pants. Let’s begin.

2015 has given us two superb sets of siblings: squid sisters Callie and Marie from Splatoon, and the skeleton siblings Papyrus and Sans from Undertale. What happens when these two pairs meet? Our first video asks that very question.

Is this all just a game to you!? Because it is! Everything is a game, and I’ve been cheating all along!

What side will you choose when Fire Emblem: Fates comes out? The lobster-led Hoshido side? The boobilicious Nohr side? Or will you just pick the third route because it’s probably canon?

In an effort to stop the murders from happening, Togami decides to sing everyone a badly-translated song. Danganronpa 2 spoilers within.

(Editor’s note: as someone who has never played the Danganronpa games, I feel as if I am staring into a whirlwind of madness every time I am exposed to anything related to the franchise.)

It’s a video of Venom Snake rocket punching a bear in Metal Gear Solid V. I can’t say anything else about it. I don’t need to.


What happens when the most hyped game of the year meets the most hyped anime of the year? The result is a bald man punching a bunch of Raiders. Enjoy.

Speaking of Fallout 4, to cap off our sack for the week, here’s that song from the trailer.

We’ll be taking a week break from the Youtube Garbage Sack due to academics, but after that we’ll have another batch of garbage for you all. Smelly, oozing, and probably full of some assorted hopes and dreams. Who needs those when you have Youtube videos? See you next time.


Jack Hills is a critic, writer, gamer, and total weaboo. After writing video game reviews for his high school newspaper for three years, he somehow weaseled his way into the Hey Poor Player writing staff and hasn't left since. Jack also manages the bi-weekly Youtube Garbage sack.

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