Mass Effect Andromeda Announcement Trailer

Hold on, my mass is having an effect.

Mass Effect Andromeda


 EA is a busy company, with many /very important/ cookie-cutter sports games to talk about for an hour. We shouldn’t bother them with silly, trivial things like the next installment in one of the most ground-breaking and beloved series of last generation, not when they have Pele to interview. But bug we did, and show they have. Initially briefly teased during last year’s show, EA has now fully revealed Mass Effect Andromeda. 

This whole new chapter in the story of the Mass Effect universe takes place in the depths of the Andromeda galaxy, following a whole new character on a whole new mission. A lot (by which I mean nearly everything) is still up for speculation when it comes to Mass Effect Andromeda‘s story, so how about we just watch the trailer and chat in the comments below? Speculate away, friends. Mass Effect Andromeda is set to release around the end of 2016.

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