Square Enix Continue To Tease New Title

The “start” of something new?



A scant few days ago, Final Fantasy publishers Square Enix put up a cryptic new teaser website for an unspecified new game. At first, the site displayed the message “S A R 0 1 0 1,”, which could mean pretty much anything. The site then changed the word “SAR” to “STAR”, leading to much speculation the new title is the next release in Squaresoft’s famed “Star Ocean” Franchise: which has seen spiky haired JRPG protagonists grind through the inky blackness of space since 1996. The fact that the message appears emblazoned across a planet in space further suggests more Star Ocean goodness.

Yet, there has been another twist to the tale. “STAR” has been changed to “START”. This revelation suggests that the new title isn’t a Star Ocean title after all, but something else. This has sent some Star Ocean fans into paroxysms of frustration. There is a date below the tanatalizing “START”, and it’s 2015/04/15. Perhaps then, tomorrow will mark the end of Squaresoft’s coy hints, and the veil will be lifted on their new project.

No other information about the upcoming title has been shared on the teaser site so stay tuned for more developments.


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