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We’ve got a sneaking suspicion Solarix will be a success



Solarix is an upcoming stealth-based, Sci-Fi horror game developed by Pulsetense Games. In Solarix you take control of Walter, the survivor of an experiment gone horribly wrong. Looking to cover their tracks, the Solarix corporation who conducted the experiment will stop at nothing to hide any evidence of their wrongdoings.

If you had the chance to play last year’s Alien: Isolation, you’ll feel right at home in Solarix. Sound design and atmosphere are key to a game of this stature, and the people at Pulsetense are pulling no punches. Cramped environments, darkness and ambient noise overwhelm the primal senses while creeping through the game’s claustrophobic corridors. That eerie feeling that something is right around the next corner, or the sight of a shadow dancing up a wall do an excellent job of keeping the player on the edge of their seat.




You’ll spend most of your time in the shadows, searching for gear that quickly becomes essential to your survival. While there are armed mercenaries and infected toting bludgeoning weapons, it’s best to steer clear of enemies. The A.I. is very persistent and Walter is not your typical bullet sponge.

The build I was able to get my hands on is still in Beta, so there are some very noticeable bugs. At times Walter would get stuck on parts of the environment, unable to move. Texture pop-ins seemed to be the most frequent of problems, I also experienced an enemy that would follow the same circular pattern around an object. At this early stage, it’s easy to look past the minor hang ups and soak in the games brooding atmosphere.



There are no waypoints, no voice in your ear commanding a direction you’re suppose to go. Instead, you’re left alone, encouraged to sneak through a stage to explore and figure out the path of least resistance. This is what is most appealing about Solarix. While there are other characters like a computer program known only as A.M.I. a masked woman named Betty and audio-logs hidden throughout the world, they give little in site as to what has occurred on this derelict research center.

Although Solarix was unable to meet its $15,000 Kickstarter goal, Pulsetense Games continues to march forward with help from publisher KISS. Building what could be a hidden gem for fans of the Sci-Fi horror genre. Keep your eyes up and your ears to the floor, Solarix is slated to release, early sometime this year.


Gary is a sarcastic asshole, who sometimes writes things for Hey Poor Player. He dreams of fire, chains and demons. Some people call these nightmares.

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