Sorcerer King Gets a Really Big Update

Stardock Entertainment Drops a Ton of New Content in Sorcerer King’s Beta 4 Update

logo650Stardock’s Sorcerer King is moving one big step closer to leaving the land of Steam Early Access to the land of full release with the addition of the Beta 4 update that dropped today.  This will not be the last beta update before launch though Stardock noted on their dev blog saying that Beta 5 will be a thing.  According to Stardock Sorcerer King does still seem to be on track for an full release by early spring which is just around the corner.

sorcerer king 4

Some of the highlights of this update include:

  • Enchantment system – Customize your items with elemental attacks, mana drains, impenetrable defenses, and more
  • Hundreds of new quests – Thanks to the folks who signed on to help implement quests, there are 400+ new ones to explore
  • Tinkerer sovereign – Unlock the full potential of the crafting and enchantment systems with the final premade sovereign
  • Custom sovereigns – Mix and match abilities, heroes, spellbooks, and skilltrees into your ideal avatar
  • Graphical overhaul – New forests and chasms, much improved lighting, and tons of animations and effects

sorcerer king 1

For a full list of new features and changes in the change log visit the developer’s blog here.

sorcerer king 3

Recently Hey Poor Player’s Adam Foster covered this game in a preview piece where he talked about the details of Sorcerer King is all about and his time playing the game in it’s Beta 3 build.  However he isn’t the only one us here at HPP that has been playing this one.  I have also sunk quite a bit of my time into this one and personally speaking the huge amount of new features and fixes that have been added really have me pretty darn excited.

sorcerer king 5

Stardock Entertainment’s Sorcerer King is available right now as Early Access game on Steam and you can grab it for $39.99.


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