New “Majora’s Mask Pack” DLC for Hyrule Warriors Fully Detailed

Get ready to defend Termina like never before with the upcoming “Majora’s Mask Pack” DLC for Hyrule Warriors

Majora's Mask Pack

Revealed by Nintendo earlier this week were full details on the newest DLC for the Wii U game “Hyrule Warriors”; the Majora’s Mask Pack”. The new DLC will be released alongside Version 1.5.0 of Hyrule Warriors. 1.5.0 is set to contain the following updates:

– Maximum level increased
– New mixing materials
– New medals
– New weapon skills
– Updated Junk Store – “Skills Cancellation,” “Skills Advice,” and “Weapons Sale” added
– Updated Adventure Mode information screen – “Damage Taken” and “Retry from the Beginning” added

While the update is nice, the DLC is even more tantalizing. Here is what players can expect:

– New character: Young Link – A boy able to use the power of the demon’s mask. He fights nimbly and heroically with his sword. When wearing the demon’s mask, he takes its shape and his attacks are strengthened. This power is beyond human understanding, and he will not stop attacking until all of his enemies are destroyed.
– New character: Tingle – A 35 year-old bachelor and the reincarnation of a fairy. He uses a balloon to freely jump around the battlefield and blow away enemies. His ability to do things like dodge and attack at the same time make him hard to predict and a force to be reckoned with.
– New Adventure Mode map: Termina Map – In a world where the moon falls moment by moment, you can make free use of mysterious item cards that hold new powers while advancing through your adventure. As a new reward, you can earn some new rank weapons, as well as costumes.
– New costumes: “Memories of Time” – Three costumes: “Skull Kid Style” for Lana, and “Ocarina of Time Style” costumes for Impa and Shiek.

The “Majora’s Mask Pack” DLC can be downloaded for no charge for Season Pass owners, or can be purchased standalone for $7.99. Japanese players can expect to see the new content on January 29th, while the rest of the world will be able to set foot in Termina on February 5th.

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