Yearly Archives: 2014

First Homestuck Adventure Game Details Prototyped

  Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck Adventure Game was a huge success on Kickstarter, but has not been heard from since – until now. Based on the internet phenomenon webcomic, itself based largely around video game concepts and ways to allow reader interaction, Hussie’s project has very high potential. Now that the first…

Apex Games Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Demon Core

  Apex Games have launched an Indiegogo campaign for their ambitious debut title, Demon Core. While Demon Core has been in development for some time, the Finnish developer is looking to crowdfunding to ensure the team is able to reach the standards and vision the team have set for…

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise Colonial States Trailer

Colonization is improved in Europa Universalis IV‘s new expansion. Groups of colonies placed close enough together become colonial states, giving great new benefits to how you can play. Paradox Interactive’s Johan Andersson goes into great detail on what’s new in the latest addition to Europa Universalis IV. The game is…

Space Heads Trailer Brings Shmup Action to Windows Phone

Inspired by manga art styles, Space Heads is a speed- and coordination-based runner. Hop into your choice of spaceship and off you go, maneuvering around obstacles, collecting gems, and putting your skills to the test. The game also includes an unlockable story mode, giving backstory to the four featured…

Megaman X2 Blasts Onto Wii U Virtual Console

For those of you masterful enough to have already conquered the challenge of Megaman X on your Wii U, get ready to charge your arm cannon all over again. Megaman X2, a Super Nintendo Classic, has released its horde of robot masters upon the Wii U, and can be…

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