Monthly Archives: November 2014

New Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer Features New Jobs, Summons, and Multiplayer

New Final Fantasy Explorers trailer details summons, jobs, and the game’s multiplayer features   With the release of Square Enix’s 3DS game “Final Fantasy Explorers” nearing its Japanese release date, new details on the game are revealing themselves. Revealed via a new trailer, Explorers is giving fans a taste…

Mushroom 11 Preview

Creeps, Leaps, and Slides Across the Floor – Mushroom 11 oozes beyond categorization Imagine you’re nine years old again trying to squeeze gak through your parents’ colander. Except their kitchen is a wasteland. Or construction site. Plus, as you pull of parts of the gak more grow back.  If…

Devolver Digital Annouces Crossing Souls, a Supernatural 80s RPG

Crossing Souls Reignites Your Inner Child In 2016 Fourattic is making its debut with a charming new action adventure game that will make you long for your childhood today as Crossing Souls is announced from the youthful gents at Devolver Digital. Crossing Souls takes us all back to the…

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Review (PC)

It’s time to dive back into the basement once more, but don’t expect it to be nearly as friendly.   With the recent release of “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth”, gamers once again find themselves casting poor Isaac down into the depths below in order to avoid a fate…
Rollers of the Realm

Rollers of the Realm Review (PC)

Pinball Wizard: Rollers of the Realm offers a fresh, story-based take on bumpers, flippers, and high scores.   Pinball is one of those things that seems to be inherently, timelessly fun. Growing up, I had a friend with a pinball table in his basement that was at least as…

Halo: Master Chief Collection Review (Xbox One)

Content Evolved – An old war horse returns Many a time has the validity of the Halo franchise as a modern shooter been called into question. It’s dated gameplay, seemingly slow paced mechanics and lack of staple features of other shooters tend to push in back in the pack…

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