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I’d like to take this opportunity to preface this review with a question. At the deepest level why do you play games? No, seriously! Hear me out and think about it. Of course we all want to have fun but other than that really, do you enjoy practiced teamwork? The social element? Interesting takes on story-telling? At the end of the day this humble reviewer plays games for the feeling of psychological flow that comes from competency in mastering highly technical games. And boy do you scratch my goddamn itch Cereza.

This genre of “character action game” really isn’t for everyone I’ll be the first to admit that. Hell most of you believers out there are probably already trying for pure platinum ranks on infinite climax difficulty, and I salute you for it. However, if you are foreign to Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, and basically anything you can find Hideki Kamiya’s name on just.. try it okay. These types of games to me are the 3d natural evolution to action games from the good ol’ SNES days, and boy do I love them for it.

Consider this to be a conventional review, I intend on writing an enthusiast piece in maybe a month or so when I have gotten all of the pure platinum ranks on infinite climax difficulty.

So obviously by now you’ve already guessed that I love this game to death, I already consider it an instant classic that will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years and even decades to come. I’m sure you have many games with that quality under your belt already; things like Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, Secret of Mana, etc. (Oh yes, I’m dropping the gauntlet and making those comparisons) Bayonetta 2 just did everything right: its art direction is beautiful, the characters are fun and interesting (for the most part, I’m looking at you Loki), and most importantly the gameplay itself is god damn impecable. Its pure freaking platinum, pun intended. This is the cleanest game of its kind bar freaking none. Really the only blemish on this game is in its writing and its story telling, but this isn’t supposed to be shakespeare.

You take the reigns of Cereza aka Bayonetta, an Umbral witch who can only be described as stylish, cool, I mean even in a world shattering situation she finds time to have fun. I mean she just loves it, she revels in combat and that feeling comes through to me as a player. Its not about getting through the objective, its about looking cool on the way. Some may criticize that Bayonetta is overly sexual, sexist, blah blah blah. She is basically supposed to be a female Dante, its all just part of the character. Its supposed to be ridiculous. Say what you will, but its just part of the damn fun.

Bayonetta 2 review

Look at that face, she loves it! You gotta respect that

The game takes you through onslaughts of angels and demons: on the ground, in the air, on buildings falling apart, on fighter jets, surfing up a vertical cyclone into heaven, the gates of heaven, hell itself, the past, in a magitek robot (YOU HEARD ME!), and even on an incredible easter egg that im keeping to myself. (Where is Terry Cruz I have a good idea for an Old Spice commercial.)

Bayonetta 2 Review

Yeah, that’s happening

Oh man and the boss fights, the boss fights are plentiful and each unique, well realized, and just incredible. I wasn’t disappointed with a single one, Platinum Games is just so great at keeping everything varied without being convoluted. It has so much to offer, even to someone new to the genre. You are always going to be playing the game, even in the load screens they kindly give you the ability to practice your massive inventory of combos with tons of different weapons to choose from (Might I add you can equip weapons to your hands and feet for tons of varied combinations and movesets).

Bayonetta 2 Review

This ain’t your grandpappy’s sick Jojo stand battle

Completing the game is merely the beginning as well, you have tons of unlockable characters, combos, weapons, accessories, moves each unique to the various characters. The game really starts in the infinite climax difficulty, and can we all just take a minute to appreciate the phrase infinite climax!? Thats so friggen cool, gah! Just play it okay, if you don’t have a Wii U this game is worth buying the console for. It just has so much to offer, oh and while we’re at it lets talk about value. This game also comes with Bayonetta 1 which has been remastered for the Wii U as well at no additional cost. No bullshit day 1 DLC or season passes, just two amazing games at a great value. I also appreciate a game that lets you just unlock costumes and bonus features by playing the game rather than paying for them, though its rather sad that has to be something praiseworthy these days.

The story in this game also helps to make sense of the convoluted mess of a story that Bayonetta 1 had retroactively making that game better as well. The main overarching plot involves fighting to reclaim the soul of your dear friend Jeanne from hell, and stopping an evil god from claiming the eyes of the world. A power that would grant dominance over the universe. There is a prologue, which can be played for free as a demo on the Nintendo eShop and 16 chapters, with a great deal of trial levels as well after you beat the game. Each of these levels are quite lengthy and have something interesting and unique to offer. If you’d like to play with a friend you can hit the internet with a co-op mode called Tag Climax, in this mode you bet halos to fight encounters potentially ranging up to incredible difficulty with a friend.

This game isn’t just another 5/5, its something greater than that. This is a game that will stand the test of time and continue to be fun, and replayable for a long time to come. Thats something special, something that has become more and more rare as time has passed in this industry. Platinum, I can’t friggen wait to see what you guys do next. This game has achieved a Roundabout Pure Platinum Seal of Approval.

Final Verdict: 5/5


Available on: Wii U (reviewed); Publisher: Nintendo; Developer: Platinum Games; Players: 1-2; Released: Oct. 24, 2014; Genre: Action; MSRP: $59.99

This review is based on a retail copy of Bayonetta 2 purchased by Hey Poor Player.

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