Pier Solar and the Great Architects Is Coming Out on Basically Everything

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You may remember Pier Solar and the Great Architects, a JRPG that came out in 2010, but chances are it coasted quietly through your periphery while you were busy with the plethora of games that have come out in the interim. There’s good reason for this: Pier Solar originally came out on the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you’re into that sort of thing). Indeed, Pier Solar is a completely original Sega Genesis role-playing game, and as far as I’m aware, it’s the only one that’s come out in the last decade or so.


It’s also coming to pretty much every other platform imaginable, including PS3, PS4, PC, and the Dreamcast. Yep. The Sega Dreamcast. I don’t really understand either.

The “Director’s Cut” version of the game contains new story elements and challenges that were unable to fit on the original Sega Genesis cartridge (which, by the way, was a custom 64 megabyte cartridge — more than five times larger than any other Genesis cart).

Pier Solar is out now on PS3, PS4, PC, OSX, Ouya, and Linux, with Xbox platforms, Dreamcast, Wii U, and Android getting releases later this year.


Adam has a penchant for strong, minority opinions, and loves Mass Effect, JRPGs, and the Warriors games -- sometimes perhaps a bit too much. He will defend Final Fantasy XIII to his grave, and honestly believes people give Dragon Age II too much flak.

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