Clockwork Empires- Interview With Gaslamp Games’ Daniel Jacobsen

Hey Poor Player’s Mark and Adam sit down with CEO/Studio Director of Gaslamp Games to talk about Clockwork Empires

clockwork empires

Yesterday Gaslamp Games CEO and Studio Director Daniel Jacobsen stopped by to talk about his latest project, Clockwork Empires.  Sitting down and talking with Daniel was a lot of fun because he just so happens to be a really cool guy who makes really great games.  During our conversation he gave a run down about the game for anyone who may not have heard about it yet and also let out a few juicy tidbits about some of the new upcoming features that will be coming in today’s update for people who have jumped behind the very ambitious, nifty game that is available up on Steam through the early-access program.  He talked about a few things to expect today in the update like: a myriad of fixes to the game as a whole, a tutorial, a new and very difficult level to play called the tropical jungles, as well as the cultists now doing a lot more that just building creepy shrines….


To hear everything we talked about feel free to give a listen!


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