Kickstarter Watch: Cube and Me

In Cube and Me, sometimes great things just fall from the sky.

Cube and Me is an indie hybrid of RPG and pet simulator elements, kind of like if you mixed Pokemon and Nintendogs into a single package. This project by Yui Jegnan is three sides cute and three sides action-packed, building a whole cube of fun.

Trapped within said nightmarish fun-cube is Lyle Dyson, a 22 year-old who works as a freelance envelope folder. He must have been a creative writing major in college, the poor fool. Lyle is living  a pretty ordinary life, doing his whole envelope-folding thing, until one night he discovers something incredible. Down from the sky, like the coming of a strange, cosmic god, comes…cubes. Oh, wow. These guys are actually pretty cute. How about that? Joined by his next-door neighbor Sarah Gable, Lyle discovers that these little cubes may turn out to be a lot more of a hassle than they appear.

Cube and Me is a game divided into three parts. You’ve got your home life, which includes taking care of your Tamagotchi-like cubes. The first two you obtain are only the beginning, and soon you’ll have enough cubes to build a fort out of…provided you can keep them still long enough. Cubes need to be loved, cleaned up after, and raised right to help them grow stronger and evolve. There’s also your job to maintain, though, and money to be spent on improving and growing your home. A happy, healthy cube needs room to romp, after all!

The other two thirds of Cube and Me‘s gameplay are of the RPG variety. You have dungeoneering, moving through procedurally-generated floors as you navigate deeper into danger. With great risk comes great reward, though, and you’ll find that the dungeons offer reward aplenty in the form of items and equipment to make your cubes the best and cubiest they can be. Traps, gambling rooms, and more await you within the randomly-generated labyrinths before you.

Finally, there’s combat. Up to four cubes can be used in battle, with two as your main combatants and two running support on the side. Each cube has a basic, special, and support attack to choose from, and your job is to move them around and keep them safe while they do their attack jam. Clicking and holding cubes activates their hyper mode attacks, which can be tricky to control but way worth it. Versatility and strategy will be what lead you and your cubes to victory over those who stand in your way!

Cube and Me

Well that doesn’t look like a cube at ALL.


Yui Jengan is a third of a three-man team on Cube and Me. The small group is asking for $15,000, and when it comes to where that money is going, they’re more transparent than a  cube of colorless jello. Rewards for adding your effort to this great enterprise in cubedom include a digital book about Cube and Me, a papercraft book, and the ability to design your own cube in the game! Check them out on Kickstarter, as well as Steam Greenlight. Add your cube to the great cube monolith, rising high into the sky. The cube watches us all, with its cute little eyes.


Jay Petrequin started writing at HeyPoorPlayer in the summer of 2012, but first got his start writing for It's Super Effective, a Pokemon podcast that happened to be a reflection of two of his biggest interests: pocket monsters, and making people listen to him say things.

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