Hearthstone Expansion Coming “Soon”, iPhone and Android Ports Coming by End of Year

Fans of Hearthstone can get ready to bolster their collection sometime in the near future… hopefully



Lead designer of Blizzard’s digital card-based game Hearthstone Eric Dodds confirmed at PAX Prime that an expansion of the game will be coming “soon”. Players can expect to collect quite a few more cards once the expansion is released; over 100 in fact.

It was also noted that there will not be any additional single-player content in the expansions, meaning that those who enjoyed fighting the undead legion in “Curse of Naxxramas” should not expect anything new. This was clarified by Dodds that Curse of Naxxramas is an “adventure”, while the newest update is considered to be an “expansion”.

This does not mean that the single player content of Hearthstone is at its end however. While Dodds admits that Herarthstone is, in fact”, “primarily a PVP game”, the single-player features allows the designers of the game to encourage players to try out different classes and strategies. The overall goal of single-player is to allow players to practice and hone their skills, which they will then carry over to the PvP mode of Hearthstone. Even if single player to PvP migration never happens for certain players, it is still a unique experience that allows players to think differently due to the fact that their opponent is in fact a computer.

There is no concrete, or even speculated release date for the iPhone and Android versions of Hearthstone. According to Joystiq however, Dodds claims that they will be “ready to ride” toward the end of this year.

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