Souls with Friends: Crawl is out on Early Access

Crawl crawls onto Steam Early Access Today


Crawl, a new local multiplayer dungeon-crawling party game, is out on Steam Early Access (and it’s REALLY GOOD).

In Crawl, one player controls an adventurer crawling a dungeon in search of EXP and loot. The other three players (or an assortment of players and AI) control the monstrous denizens of the dungeon in an attempt to kill the adventurer and take their place, with the end goal of the Adventurer reaching the end of the dungeon and killing the boss, which is collectively controlled by the other three players.

In addition to the Adventurer leveling up and finding new gear, the players controlling the monsters can collect gold to upgrade their creatures to anything from spiders to zombies to dragons at the end of each “floor.”


It may sound complicated, but I learned how to play it in less than ten minutes. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun, and is only $10. You can buy it on Steam or DRM-free through the Humble store at

Adam has a penchant for strong, minority opinions, and loves Mass Effect, JRPGs, and the Warriors games -- sometimes perhaps a bit too much. He will defend Final Fantasy XIII to his grave, and honestly believes people give Dragon Age II too much flak.

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