Slight Wasteland 2 Delay Announced; Beta Update for Steam Early Access Build

An Issue With The Physical Copies of Wasteland 2 Pushes Release To Mid September

wasteland 2 delayed

It is now August and that had meant until now that Wastleland 2 was only mere days until we would have our precious post-apocalyptic RPG in our computers.  Don’t get too upset it has only been pushed back by 2-3 weeks.  There was an issue with getting the physical copies of Wasteland 2 and it’s physical Kickstarter rewards out to where it needed to by the original date that had been set by the game developer, inXile.  In the end this gives a little extra time for polish and bug fixing but it sounds like the game is basically done and ready to go which should be making quite a few people giddy.

For those unfamiliar with the Wasteland 2 it a sequel to Wasteland which came out on DOS back in the late 80s and was developed by Interplay and published by EA.  It was set in a post apocalyptic southwest United States and offered a vast amount of freedom in character design and ways to tackle the story and it’s missions.  There was never an official sequel but the Fallout series was essentially considered to be the games spiritual successor.  So I guess this makes Wasteland 2 kind of the cousin to the current Fallout series.  Wasteland 2 had a very successful Kickstarter about two and a half years back raising over 2.9 million dollars so there are alot of people excited about this and eager to jump in as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already purchased the game and want to start venturing out into the Wasteland now there is early access version through purchase of the game on Steam.  This version also just received a large patch update with #51166 that did lots of stuff to fix things.  The highlights summarized below and for full access to all changes the team posted them here.

Now featuring: local area map

Full dropset pass (from enemies/crates/vendors/rewards/NPCs)

Lots of new optimizations to memory and load times

Large balance pass to weapons with better feedback on weapons stats

Large balance pass to enemies

Huge amount of UI improvements (both functionality and visually)

Tons of new audio (all levels have new ambient audio, new sounds for weapons, player events)


Will you be getting the game?  Let us know!

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