Expendabros Just Announced And Is Free

Broforce/Expendables 3 Crossover Is A Dream That Is Now A Free Reality


Today in an epic press brief from developer Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital the new FREE Expendabros game was announced and is out now.  This is a cross-over of the insanely awesome Broforce game with the upcoming Expendables 3 movie. Again guys it is free right HERE.

Broforce has been available for a bit as an early access Steam title.  It is a 8-bit styled side scrolling shooter with destructible just about everything which leaves multiple ways of tackling each mission.  It has tons of unique playable characters that have been plucked out of just about every action movie and that just adds to the options of how to go about completing a level.  The game can be played with up to 4 players local or co-op.  Totally over the top in a good way as I had recently found out first hand.  The point of the game is to rescue other bros and eliminate the bad dudes.  It is a homage to the old arcade shooters but takes the action and explosions to a level I never thought possible.  It has quite a few game modes already such as campaign, arcade, “Bro-Op” and deathmatch, level editor, and tons more.

The Expendabros game will have 10 full featured missions with seven unique characters from the upcoming film.  Each character will have unique weapons and special skills just like in Broforce.  The game takes place in forests of Eastern Europe as the group is pursuing bad guy Conrad Stonebanks.  The forest will probably be insanely armed and armored so get ready for some totally over the top action when you play because that is how they roll.   If you want to get the whole story of the game from the movie the Expendables 3 it comes to theaters August 15th in the US.

The trailer courtesy of Devolver Digital’s YouTube page

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