Nintendo And Cross-Buy? A Sign Of Things To Come? And Uh Squids? Yeah!

cross buy

Cross-Buy for the uninitiated is something users of multiple Sony consoles have had for a bit now.  You buy a game on of their systems and get it for free on the other ones you own as well.  This is something that Nintendo users have griped on for quite a while now.  News out of Europe has signs that perhaps Nintendo may be getting ready to change this.  The deal that has been announced will give those who buy Squids Odyssey on their 3DS will receive a copy on their Wii U as well.  This deal is very specific that it works only if you purchase the software on 3DS first.  The other thing is this is so far only for European eShop.  Nintendo has made no official announcements on whether this is their future aim yet or not.

Let’s hope though that this is a sign of things globally for Nintendo because it really is what is fair for the consumers in all markets and really makes a potential user more likely to pick Nintendo for their product where in the past someone may have chosen Sony specifically for this kind of reason.   Mark my words Nintendo if you adopt this policy this will sell your systems for you.

In case you haven’t read anything yet about Squids Odyssey yet my colleague, Jay Petrequin, has already written a great review on our site of the game. So go check it out.  LIKE NOW ALREADY!

I also would like to thank Alex Newhouse who is an Editorial Intern at Gamespot for breaking this


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