Industry Legend Hironobu Sakaguchi Is About To Tell Us About His New Thing

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Hironobu Sakaguchi is a legend in the gaming industry.  He dropped out of college and joined what eventually became Japanese Game Company Square in 1986.  He is THE creator of the Final Fantasy franchise.  Which he directed until the 5th entry after which he was elevated to an Executive Producer role until he decided to leave the company much later.  While being Producer he still managed to write Final Fantasy VI during this time.   He then designed Chrono Trigger, and writer and designer of Final Fantasy VII.  After that he pitched the concept for Parasite Eve.  Then came back for a big hand in Final Fantasy XI which he personally say was his favorite Final Fantasy.  Also he took his storied franchise from video game to silver screen and directed Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within which received wide theatrical release.  He eventually rose to be the executive vice president of Square before stepping down from Square in 2003.  A year later he formed his current company Mistwalker which released Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on Xbox 360.  As well as ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat on Nintendo DS and Last Story on Wii.  Most recently he made a game on the iOS titled Party Wave which he made because of his passion for surfing, he even did the music on this project himself.

So when Sakaguchi unveils a new project the gaming world stands up and listens.  On July 2, 2014 at the Japan Expo in Paris, France he will be talking about alot what he has done in the past….and he will unveil to us all his new project which will be forthcoming hopefully soon.  Strangely enough another legend will also be attending Japan Expo.  Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo will be appearing during the event which will go on until July 6th.  Could these two legends being here during Sakaguchi’s unveil be a foreshadowing of where this project might be getting a release on?  Two days kids…and I can’t wait personally.

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The new old kid on the me your you need some HOT coffee?

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