Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Missing Logs: Dead Space

      Supplemental Text Log, USG Kellion Mission: Repair of the USG Ishimura, Aegis VII Orbit Issac Clarke, 3rd Tier Engineer   00:03:15 – This whole thing has gone to shit already, though I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m doing my best to fix things (like our shuttle), but…

Squids Odyssey Review (Wii U)

Inkblot Slingshot Today’s adventure takes us far under the sea. No, not to Spongebob Squarepants. I can see you all getting your jokes ready already, so calm down. No, the game here is not sponges, but rather squids. These tentacled denizens of the deep can be anywhere from adorable…

Hyrule Warriors details, Japanese Release Date

  We first heard about Hyrule Warriors a few months ago during a Nintendo Direct. It showed our green-clad hero defeated tons of enemies in quick succession, from Dodongos to Stalfos. Months have past with no new information. That is, until Famitsu, a Japanese gaming publication, recently detailed information…

The Fall- Episode One Descends Onto PC May 30th

Over The Moon Confirms release date for their upcoming Super Metroid and Monkey Island inspired episodic adventure. Developer Over the Moon’s Super Metroid and Monkey Island inspired episodic game (talk about an odd couple) “The Fall”  promptly smashed its Kickstarter funding goal  in just under a week last September,…

New international world in Tagoria

Tagoria, the popular fantasy browser game of Berlin-based online game developer GameArt Studio, has opened a new world! It is the fourth international world of Tagoria. International means that players from all over the world create their warriors on this world and choose one of 11 languages for their…

The Art of Watch Dogs Now Available for Pre-Order

  It’s almost hard to believe Watch Dogs‘ release is less than a week away. Six months after Ubisoft’s tech-savvy open-world epic was supposed to arrive alongside Microsoft and Sony’s shiny new boxes, players are finally poised to venture into the studio’s vision of a completely networked Chicago and…

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