Hyrule Warriors details, Japanese Release Date



We first heard about Hyrule Warriors a few months ago during a Nintendo Direct. It showed our green-clad hero defeated tons of enemies in quick succession, from Dodongos to Stalfos. Months have past with no new information. That is, until Famitsu, a Japanese gaming publication, recently detailed information about the upcoming Zelda/Dynasty Warriors mix.

The game is set to release in Japan on August 14th. We in the states will more than likely hear the official release date during E3 in a couple weeks. Team NINJA is helping develop the game, who somehow still exist after creating Other M.

The story revolves around Link, but he is not the only playable character in the game. For the first time ever in a Zelda game, we will be able to play as someone who is not Link. Impa, and many more, will be playable and ready to fight. Princess Zelda, as usual, has been kidnapped, but this time by someone new! A rather busty witch known as Shia has taken Zelda prisoner, and it is up to the player to save her.

The gameplay is even more exciting then what we’ve seen so far. There will be a two-player mode where one person is on the gamepad and the other uses the TV. While playing alone, the gamepad will be used as a map. There will be multiple different weapons for each character, and it completely changes the way they fight. You can also upgrade weapons, and characters will improve and grow as you progress.

The game looks gorgeous, and it really shows off what the Wii U can handle. I am very excited to see what else they have in store. Nintendo boasts that the game is around 70% complete, and WILL be playable at E3, so if you are lucky enough to go to the biggest gaming event of the year, give this game a try!


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