Another Atlus PSN Blowout- All PSP Persona Games and Many More RPGs Are Dirt Cheap



Atlus fans confined to Sony’s duo of handhelds shouldn’t feel slighted over this week’s generous eShop savings, as some sweet discounts have spilled over to the PSN store this week as well.

If you’re recently adopted a new PS Vita Slim and are looking to stock up with a metric ton of classic Atlus goodness to play on the go, or just haven’t gotten around to nabbing all of these titles during the last Atlus PSN sale, now is as good a time as any to take advantage of some serious savings and grab a mountain of excellent adventures on the cheap.

Class of Heroes, Crimson Gem Saga, Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, Gungnir, Hexyz Force, Kenka Bancho, Knights in the Nightmare, Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 3 Portable, and Yggdra Union are all currently $4.99 on PSN in the North American Playstation Store. Snatching up those three Persona entries alone for a cool 15 bones is enough to keep most JRPG aficionados busy slaying and recruiting powerful demons for the entire Summer, and will make the wait for next year’s fifth installment in the series a little more bearable.

Here’s the full list of games and their sale prices below:


Class of Heroes
Was $14.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/class-of-heroes/cid=UP0005-ULUS10396_00-CLASSOFHERODLG01

Crimson Gem Saga
Was $14.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/crimson-gem-saga/cid=UP0005-ULUS10400_00-CRIMSONGEMSDLG01

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time
Was $19.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/cid=UP0005-ULUS10593_00-GROWLANSERWOTIME

Was $19.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/gungnir/cid=UP0005-ULUS10592_00-DPTHEAVENGUNGNIR

Hexyz Force
Was $14.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/hexyz-force/cid=UP0005-ULUS10506_00-0000111122223339

Kenka Bancho
Was $14.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/kenka-bancho-badass-rumble/cid=UP0005-ULUS10442_00-KENKABANCHO12345

Knights in the Nightmare
Was $14.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/knights-in-the-nightmare/cid=UP0005-ULUS10539_00-KITN000000000001

Odin Sphere
Was $9.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/odin-sphere/cid=UP9000-NPUD21577_00-0000000000000000

Was $19.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/shin-megami-tensei-persona/cid=UP0005-ULUS10432_00-SMTPERSONA111111

Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Was $19.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/shin-megami-tensei-persona-2-innocent-sin/cid=UP0005-ULUS10584_00-SMTP2ISDIGITAL01

Persona 3 Portable
Was $19.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/shin-megami-tensei-persona-3-portable/cid=UP0005-ULUS10512_00-SMTP3PDIGITAL001

Yggdra Union
Was $9.99, Now $4.99!/en-us/games/yggdra-union/cid=UP0005-ULUS10368_00-YGGDRAUNIONDLG01

Will you be taking advantage of the savings in this latest PSN sale from Atlus? Let us know in the comments below.

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